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Dental fearWe promise to take good care of you!

We have extensive experience with treating dental fear.

Are you among the many people who are afraid of seeing a dentist? Or are you scared stiff at the mere thought of making an appointment with your dentist? We’d be pleased to show you how we can make your dental fear go away after just one visit (or very few visits) at our practices at Frederiksberg or Østerbro. Both of our practices are committed to helping patients with dental fear (odontophobia). All of our staff fully understand how debilitating this phobia can be, and we’re prepared to do everything in our power to help you through the difficult process of facing your worst fear.

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Important info about us:

  • Please rest assured that we will take as much time as necessary.
  • We will never force you to do anything.
  • We will never do anything you don’t want us to do.
  • We understand your anxiety and how hard it is for you to actually visit your dentist the first few times.
  • We keep you informed on everything we do – both before and during your treatment.
  • All treatments are 100 % painless – even the anaesthesia.
  • We will do our utmost to make your appointment a pleasant experience.
  • We would never dare tell you off for ‘only showing up now’. On the contrary; we’re VERY impressed that you’ve taken the giant leap of calling us to book your appointment We’re simply proud that you feel we’re the right team to help you through this difficult process.
  • Keep in mind: Most people with a fear of dentists often think their teeth are in a worse condition than they actually are.

Remember: All dentists are different! Some dentists are more mindful than others of how serious and real a phobia like dental fear can be. At our practices, we are extremely mindful of how hard it can be to get into the dentist’s chair if you’re afraid of dentists. That’s why we always strive to do everything at your pace. We always carefully explain what’s going to happen and what we’re going to do. Last, but not least: All of our treatments are 100 % painless.

Visiting your dentist CAN actually be a pleasant experience. To us, it’s a healing process in the making. How? By letting you, the patient, allow us to win your trust. In due course, you’ll notice that we always stay true to our word, and we never proceed with anything unless you’re completely ready. Our respect for you and your anxiety always comes first.

However, some patients are so afraid that it may be necessary to use a sedative for their first treatments. As a last resort, our practices have the necessary facilities to induce general anaesthesia. We work closely together with anaesthetic surgeon Dr. Stig Dam, who regularly performs the procedure at our clinics.

When booking an appointment, please always inform us if you suffer from dental fear. This allows us to cater your appointment to your specific needs. In addition, we also collaborate with two psychologists who can make conversational therapy with patients severely affected by anxiety before an upcoming dental treatment.

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Here’s some general advice that may help you cope with dental fear:

Remember: It’s never a good idea to put off dental care. It’s always better to nip things in the bud. Consulting a dentist as early as possible not only makes the treatment cheaper; the actual treatment is also less extensive.

Please never feel you’re the only one with dental fear. There are many others out there. As a matter of fact, 4 out of 10 Danes have a fear of dentists. For as many as 4 % of the Danish population, it’s a genuine phobia where even severe dental pain is overshadowed by embarrassment and a fear of dentists.

Unfortunately, dental fear often has a negative spiralling effect: The longer you put off a dentist appointment, the more you fear problems with your teeth, which tends to amplify one’s fear of dentists.

Often, Tandlægerne på Frederiksberg and Tandlægerne på Østerbro see that patients with dental fear have forcibly suppressed any thoughts and actions having to do with their teeth. Consequently, the desire to forget one’s teeth often causes people to take less care of them. That means that to people with dental fear, brushing one’s teeth and flossing are reminders that they may have dental problems – and that they ought to see a dentist.

For this reason, it’s not uncommon to see people with dental fear trying to avoid this ‘reminder’ by taking as little care of their teeth as possible, leading to reduced oral hygiene and more dental related problems. This reduces their confidence even further and makes them more embarrassed about their teeth, giving them a sense of inadequacy and ultimately increasing their fear of dentists.

In other words, there is often a correlation between dental fear and reduced oral hygiene as a result of this fear. People suffering from dental fear are usually perfectly normal, fully functional persons completely in control of all other aspects of their lives. It’s for this very reason that it often pains people with this affliction to feel they are unable to control and manage this particular aspect of their life.

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What is dental fear?

Believe it or not, many of us suffer from some kind of anxiety or phobia related to dental care. This especially applies to treatments or procedures we are unfamiliar with or don’t quite understand.

Most cases of dental fear stem from a negative experience at the dentist. More specifically, a traumatic or unpleasant past dental care experience.

Often, such negative experiences prevent people from returning to a dentist’s chair. Oral hygiene and the state of one’s teeth will suffer from this, which may result in people feeling embarrassed about and ashamed of the condition of their teeth.

In spite of this anxiety, it’s good to know the importance of one’s teeth and proper dental care. After all, your teeth and oral cavity are parts of your body, and failing to take care of your teeth and oral cavity may lead to several serious conditions in the other parts of your body.

In recent years, research has established a correlation between dental problems/conditions and cardiovascular conditions, worsening of diabetes etc.

Please rest assured we will do everything possible to help you overcome your fear of dentists and make your visit to our practices in Copenhagen a pleasant experience.

A little info on the fear of dentist appointments

  • Fear is usually caused by the unknown. If you aren’t familiar with a particular upcoming treatment or the medical lingo used, you may want to check out and do some research on your procedure or ask your dentist to explain any terms you don’t understand.
  • Got a question? Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist or dental hygienist, including follow-up questions. – At the end of the day, our most important task is to make you feel comfortable and in good hands – and that you’re ready for your treatment. This includes making sure you understand every tiny detail of your treatment and your teeth.
  • If your anxiety is so severe that you’re afraid of getting into the dentist’s chair, you may want to opt for a sedative. All we ask is that you be accompanied by someone, so that we’re confident you can get home safe and sound.
  • You may also want to try out some exercises to help you relax. For instance, try taking a series of deep breaths before your treatment. Inhale slowly and exhale slowly. Close your eyes, and slowly relax your body. Try to think of something else than your upcoming treatment.
  • Bring your iPod or phone along and play relaxing music. Music has an amazing impact on the human brain. If you feel this might help in any way, please don’t hesitate to bring some music along.
  • If you’re afraid of needles or the anaesthesia, please ask your dentist to apply some numbing ointment before administering the anaesthesia. This will ensure you won’t feel any discomfort when the anaesthesia is applied.

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